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About us

Viet Dragon Chemicals Corp is one of the leading suppliers of raw materials in the Personal and Home care industry in Vietnam with experienced, expertise and ambitious employees.

In partnership with famous and prestige suppliers worldwide who have huge capabilities of R&D and innovations, we had established an efficient Laboratory in purpose to study, formulate new products, new applications.

Besides, we set up a standard warehouse to supply ingredients to all customers on time and high quality.

We commit to provide advanced, safe and tailored ingredients to the needs of our customers in the most thoughtful way at optimal prices.

History of Viet Dragon

History of Viet Dragon Chemical

Founded in 2005, from the early days of its infancy, Viet Dragon has gradually built a reliable business as it is today.

12. 2005: Company founded


2006: Started running business


2008 : Laboratory set up


2010 : Standard Warehouse set up


2014 : Ten times growth vs. 2006


2018: New office and well-equipped lab

Giá trị cốt lõi

Core Values

Tầm nhìn và sứ mệnh

Vision & Mission


Become the leading supplier of cosmetic materials in the country and reach Asia.


Optimizing values for customers as a guide. In this way, we are proud to contribute to the successful development of our customers, as well as contribute to the development of Vietnam's cosmetics industry.